About Us

Why Learn Online with Aedifico?

We are building on Over 10 years of history in producing IT training graduates.

The future is full of opportunities at Aedifico.

Learn coding online whenever and wherever you want with our online classrooms! We have an experience of teaching more than 22000 students in our classroom programs. The success of offline courses and now a huge demand motivated us to expand our reach online.

We have divided the journey into 3 hashtags

#Step Out

“The journey of thousands miles begin with a single step” –Lao TZu

The most important 1st step out students with us will be able to learn much more about themselves beyond their regular curriculum. By going through practical exposure learning of industry based curriculum students with us will learn how to meet the demand of corporate IT world.

#Step Up

” Life begins at the end of the comfort zone”

Students in Aedifico will be encouraged to explore by themselves beyond the comfort zones by decoding and implementing many hardcore real time projects. In this step as per the Transforming cycle of the Aedifico the students will be participating in our career workshops, career talks by engaging them with the industry mentor for the expert guidance. This will help ensure that students will already be ready for their jobs demands with us.

#Suit Up

This will be the final checkpoint for every student.

About Us

* The Oxygen for Quality Education in edifice comes from Several Domain

– The industry ready curriculum

– Highly trained professional motivators

– Exceptional student learning experience

* Aedifico is always being about industry, We partner with industry in many ways

– Like curriculum design

– Program Delivery

Aedifico is the synonym of quality education.

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